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First Phase Of Tahoe Boat Inspection Appointments Beginning

First Phase Of Tahoe Boat Inspection Appointments Beginning

Resident and “Tahoe Only” boaters needing an aquatic invasive species inspection are invited to request an inspection appointment at the link below. The first phase of inspections will be for full and part-time resident boaters who have an in-basin registration zip code. New boats without DMV/NDOW registrations can offer other documentation. The next phase of inspections for out-of-basin “Tahoe Only” boaters will begin June 22 or possibly earlier.

Tahoe Resource Conservation District watercraft inspectors are here to protect Lake Tahoe and get you ready to launch. Show your appreciation when you see them and help control the spread of coronavirus by following CDC guidelines on social distancing and hygiene.

Thank you for your patience during the COVID crisis.



Tahoe Resident Zip Code Update

An error in the resident zip code list provided earlier has been corrected in the appointment system. Zip code 95604 has been removed.

Clean, Drain, Dry

You’ve waited long enough, so to expedite your appointment, please show up to your inspection Clean, Drained and Dry. tahoeboatinspections.com/prepare-for-inspection/


The Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Program is implemented by 40 public and private partner organizations, including federal, state, and local jurisdictions, research partners, public utility districts, and private marinas. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Tahoe Resource Conservation District lead the program in collaboration with the public and private partners. The program’s mission is to prevent, detect, and control aquatic invasive species in the Region so that future generations can enjoy Lake Tahoe.

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